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    Thank you500彩票网手机版官网 for visiting www.!


    The privacy of you500彩票网手机版官网r personal information is important to us. This policy describes how we collect and use personal data about you500彩票网手机版官网, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any other national data protection legislation. In the following statement we explain our privacy practices and the methods we use to collect and use user data on this website. 


    SeeNews provides a wide range of products and services primarily to businesses and organisations and will have a requirement to collect some personal data from you500彩票网手机版官网 for us to provide these services effectively. The information SeeNews holds on you500彩票网手机版官网 and its use depends on you500彩票网手机版官网r relationship with SeeNews and the type of  service you500彩票网手机版官网 use. In order to provide you500彩票网手机版官网 with the full range of our services, we collect both personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information about you500彩票网手机版官网. We do so, in order to provide our services to you500彩票网手机版官网 as well as to manage these services, obtain feedback about them and ultimately improve the user experience on our website.


    Please read the following carefully to understand our practices regarding you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data and how we will treat it.



    SeeNews is an independent one-stop shop for business news and market intelligence for Southeast Europe. Our registered office is based at 64 Kiril I Metodii Str., 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria. For the purpose of the Data Protection Legislation and this policy, we are the ‘data controller’.

    This means that we are responsible for deciding how we hold and use personal data about you500彩票网手机版官网. We are required under the Data Protection Legislation to notify you500彩票网手机版官网 of the information contained in this privacy policy.

    We have appointed a data protection officer ("DPO") who is our Data Protection Point of Contact and is responsible for assisting with enquiries in relation to this privacy policy or our treatment of you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data. Should you500彩票网手机版官网 wish to contact our DPO you500彩票网手机版官网 can do so using the contact details noted at heading ‘Contact Us’, below.




    We obtain personal data about you500彩票网手机版官网, for example, when:
    • you500彩票网手机版官网 request a quote or proposal from us in respect of the services we provide;
    • you500彩票网手机版官网 or you500彩票网手机版官网r employer or our clients engages us to provide our services and also during the provision of those services;
    • you500彩票网手机版官网 contact500彩票网手机版官网 by email, telephone, post (for example when you500彩票网手机版官网 have a query about our services); or
    • from third parties and/or publicly available resources; or

    • we contact with you500彩票网手机版官网, via registration forms or surveys on our website or from third parties such as you500彩票网手机版官网r employer, in case of a corporate subscription.

    • When you500彩票网手机版官网 access some services which utilise online or device based identifiers such as IP addresses




    Depending on you500彩票网手机版官网r relationship with us, the services you500彩票网手机版官网 use and the way in which you500彩票网手机版官网 interact with us, the information we hold about you500彩票网手机版官网 may include the following:

    • you500彩票网手机版官网r personal details (such as you500彩票网手机版官网r name, e-mail address, telephone numbers, fax number, registration and payment details etc);
    • details of contact we have had with you500彩票网手机版官网 in relation to the provision, or the proposed provision, of our services;

    • information about you500彩票网手机版官网r use of our services, such as statistics about data accessed, times and volume of use and traffic data when you500彩票网手机版官网 are a registered subcriber;

    • details of any services you500彩票网手机版官网 have received from us;
    • our correspondence and communications with you500彩票网手机版官网;
    • information about any complaints and enquiries you500彩票网手机版官网 make to us;
    • information we receive from other sources, such as publicly available information, information provided by you500彩票网手机版官网r employer or our clients.
    • information used to identify you500彩票网手机版官网 or devices you500彩票网手机版官网 use such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, log-ins, the type of browser you500彩票网手机版官网 are using, the type of operating system you500彩票网手机版官网 are using, the duration of sessions and similar usage or system data etc.



    We will process you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data for the following lawful bases and purposes:

    For our legitimate business interests or you500彩票网手机版官网r own legitimate interests

    Examples of processing which we deem to be based on legitimate interests include the collection, storage and processing of you500彩票网手机版官网r contact details allowing us to:

    • provide you500彩票网手机版官网 with details about the products and services we can offer which you500彩票网手机版官网 have requested from us.
    • provide you500彩票网手机版官网 with details about the products and services we offer which we feel would be relevant to you500彩票网手机版官网 either as an individual or as a representative of you500彩票网手机版官网r employer, even if you500彩票网手机版官网 have not requested this specific information. We will only use personal data in this way when we have assessed that to do so would be proportionate, has a minimal privacy impact, and likely to be of a direct benefit to you500彩票网手机版官网.
    • analyse and measure the levels of service which we provide for you500彩票网手机版官网 such as by requesting feedback directly from you500彩票网手机版官网.
    • notify you500彩票网手机版官网 of any changes to you500彩票网手机版官网r services or any of the terms and conditions related to these services
    • provide you500彩票网手机版官网 with relevant news or information which would be relevant to you500彩票网手机版官网 and specific to our sector of expertise
    • provide you500彩票网手机版官网 with an advertisements that are targeted to you500彩票网手机版官网 based on other information, for example, the article that you500彩票网手机版官网 are reading

    Further examples of processing which we deem to be based on legitimate interests include the collection, storage and processing of online identifier information such as IP addresses for the purpose of:

    • implementation of security measures such as to determine threats to our networks and systems and where necessary, act on or report finding to the relevant authorities.

    • confirming you500彩票网手机版官网r identity for the approval of legal documents which may be sent to you500彩票网手机版官网 electronically from time to time when you500彩票网手机版官网 have requested a quotation from us.

    • detect and prevent invalid or fraudulent traffic, to analyse website usage, improve the design and/or content of our website or personalise our products and services.

    We may process you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data for certain additional purposes with you500彩票网手机版官网r consent, and in these limited circumstances where you500彩票网手机版官网r consent is required for the processing of you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data then you500彩票网手机版官网 have the right to withdraw you500彩票网手机版官网r consent to processing for such specific purposes. You can exercise you500彩票网手机版官网r rights by managing you500彩票网手机版官网r preferences within you500彩票网手机版官网r account or by contacting our customer service.

    Please note that we may process you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data for more than one lawful basis depending on the specific purpose for which we are using you500彩票网手机版官网r data.

    We may also process you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data without you500彩票网手机版官网r knowledge or consent, in accordance with this policy, where we are legally required or permitted to do so.

    If you500彩票网手机版官网 refuse to provide us with certain information when requested, we may not be able to perform the obligations we have entered into with you500彩票网手机版官网. Alternatively, we may be unable to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations.



    We realise it is important for you500彩票网手机版官网 to know and understand how long we will keep and use you500彩票网手机版官网r data. We have detailed below some retention policies we have in place:


    We will retain you500彩票网手机版官网r personal contact details for as long as you500彩票网手机版官网r account is active, in order to provide you500彩票网手机版官网 with the service. However, it is sometimes necessary for us to keep you500彩票网手机版官网r personal information or parts of it for longer periods of time, for example, if we require the information for legal reasons.

    Your personal contact details used in order for us to manage the relationship we have with you500彩票网手机版官网 will be erased if you500彩票网手机版官网 leave the company with whom we are providing services for as soon as we are made aware of this.

    In any case, if we no longer provide products or services to you500彩票网手机版官网 or the legal entity you500彩票网手机版官网 are a representative of or when you500彩票网手机版官网 deactivate you500彩票网手机版官网r account, we will remove personal contact details after 1 month from our last interaction with you500彩票网手机版官网.

    We may retain certain records regarding a business to business relationship where there is a legitimate reason for us to maintain these records but will remove personal data wherever possible.




    We store you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data in our databases, such as its Customer Relationship Management database provided with wide range of security measures to ensure the information may be stored and used by SeeNews for a reasonable period of two years, in accordance with the need to answer queries, support our customers or resolve problems, and provide new services.






    SeeNews does not disclose or share you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data to others third parties, except when we are required by law for example in response to legal process, in response to a court order, in response to a law enforcement agency's request, where we believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, in cases of violation of our terms of use.


    Why might you500彩票网手机版官网 share my personal data with third parties?

    We will share you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data with third parties where we are required by law, where it is necessary to administer the relationship between us or where we have another legitimate interest in doing so.

    Which third party service providers process my personal data?

    “Third parties” includes third-party service providers. The following activities are carried out by third party service providers: cloud services, professional advisory services, administration services, and banking services.

    All of our third-party service providers are required to take commercially reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data. We only permit our third-party service providers to process you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions.


    We will not transfer the personal data we collect about you500彩票网手机版官网 outside of the EU, unless specifically agreed with you500彩票网手机版官网rself as part of our engagement with you500彩票网手机版官网.

    Should you500彩票网手机版官网 require further information about this protective measure, please contact500彩票网手机版官网 using the contact details outlined below.


    We have put in place commercially reasonable and appropriate security measures to prevent you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered or disclosed. In addition, we limit access to you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data to those employees, agents, contractors and other third parties who have a business need.

    They will only process you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data on our instructions and they are subject to a duty of confidentiality.
    We have put in place procedures to deal with any suspected data security breach and will notify you500彩票网手机版官网 and any applicable regulator of a suspected breach where we are legally required to do so.


    Your duty to inform us of changes

    It is important that the personal data we hold about you500彩票网手机版官网 is accurate and current. Should you500彩票网手机版官网r personal information change, please notify us of any changes of which we need to be made aware by contacting us, using the contact details below.

    Your rights in connection with personal data

    Under certain circumstances, by law you500彩票网手机版官网 have the right to:

    • Request access to you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data. This enables you500彩票网手机版官网 to receive details of the personal data we hold about you500彩票网手机版官网 and to check that we are processing it lawfully.

    • Request correction of the personal data that we hold about you500彩票网手机版官网. Newsletter subscribers can unsubscribe from the service using a link provided at the footer of every newsletter. If you500彩票网手机版官网 are a registered user, you500彩票网手机版官网 may change you500彩票网手机版官网r personal details and preferences from the Account settings menu on the website.

    • Request erasure of you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data. This enables you500彩票网手机版官网 to ask us to delete or remove personal data where there is no good reason for us continuing to process it. You also have the right to ask us to delete or remove you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data where you500彩票网手机版官网 have exercised you500彩票网手机版官网r right to object to processing.

    • Object to processing of you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data where we are relying on a legitimate interest (or those of a third party) and there is something about you500彩票网手机版官网r particular situation which makes you500彩票网手机版官网 want to object to processing on this basis.
    You also have the right to object where we are processing you500彩票网手机版官网r personal information for direct marketing purposes.

    • Request the restriction of processing of you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data. This enables you500彩票网手机版官网 to ask us to suspend the processing of personal data about you500彩票网手机版官网, for example if you500彩票网手机版官网 want us to establish its accuracy or the reason for processing it.

    • Request the transfer of you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data to you500彩票网手机版官网 or another data controller if the processing is based on consent, carried out by automated means and this is technically feasible.

    For detailed instructions on how you500彩票网手机版官网 can exercise any of the above rights, please contact customer@500彩票网手机版官网.

    You will not have to pay a fee to access you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data (or to exercise any of the other rights). However, we may charge a reasonable fee if you500彩票网手机版官网r request for access is clearly unfounded or excessive. Alternatively, we may refuse to comply with the request in such circumstances.

    We may need to request specific information from you500彩票网手机版官网 to help us confirm you500彩票网手机版官网r identity and ensure you500彩票网手机版官网r right to access the information (or to exercise any of you500彩票网手机版官网r other rights). This is another appropriate security measure to ensure that personal information is not disclosed to any person who has no right to receive it.


    In the limited circumstances where you500彩票网手机版官网 may have provided you500彩票网手机版官网r consent to the collection, processing and transfer of you500彩票网手机版官网r personal data for a specific purpose you500彩票网手机版官网 have the right to withdraw you500彩票网手机版官网r consent for that specific processing at any time. To withdraw you500彩票网手机版官网r consent, please contact customer@500彩票网手机版官网.

    Once we have received notification that you500彩票网手机版官网 have withdrawn you500彩票网手机版官网r consent, we will no longer process you500彩票网手机版官网r personal information (personal data) for the purpose or purposes you500彩票网手机版官网 originally agreed to, unless we have another legitimate basis for doing so.


    Any changes we may make to our privacy policy in the future will be updated on this web page.

    We will also make you500彩票网手机版官网 aware of changes to this policy by e-mail if applicable.


    For more details or if you500彩票网手机版官网 have any questions or concerns about the SeeNews privacy policy for this website or its implementation, you500彩票网手机版官网 may contact500彩票网手机版官网 at customer@500彩票网手机版官网



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