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    You have 10 free articles left this month. Get you500彩票网手机版官网r freeBasic subscription now and gain instant access to more.

    Premium exposure and reach
    across the key emerging markets
    of Southeast Europe

    Explore the opportunities
    01. OVERVIEW

    By advertising on
    you500彩票网手机版官网 will be able to:

    Promote you500彩票网手机版官网r brand/message in one of the leading business information providers for Southeast Europe

    Reach a regional and global professional audience that is highly engaged and interested in SEE

    Get expert exposure content on a specific topic

    Receive complimentary consulting from our expert teams for maximum effectiveness

    Control the way you500彩票网手机版官网r message is delivered: the exact site location, industry and even topic

    02. AUDIENCE

    The most desirable business people
    in the SEE region

    Оur audience includes the most desirable business people operating or interested in the SEE region. SeeNews readers and subscribers are making the biggest decisions in the corporate world.

    Our audience include business owners, in vestors, C-level managers and decision-makers, consultants, senior business developers, marketing and sales directors and managers among others.

    Connect with the right audience

    Website reach
    55 000+ unique visitors monthly (average)
    107 000+ page views monthly
    Newsletter reach
    2 500+ subscribers every weekday
    Major sectors
    Banking and Finance
    Education & Research
    Information services
    Southeast Europe
    Western Europe
    North America
    Top 5 countries from SEE
    N. Macedonia
    500彩票网手机版官网 size Average time on page
    75% Large 15% SME's

    2.25+ minutes

    Based on Google analytics data for the period over a year (2018-2019)


    Location, location, location


    Available size: 1184 × 146 px

    A top-choice position, available on the 500彩票网手机版官网page and all index pages. This high-impact advertising unit is placed at the top of the page and it is the first thing visitors see when coming to the website. It is an ideal match for both brand awareness and traffic driving campaigns.

    Full-width banner

    Two sizes available: medium (1184 × 180 px) & big (1184 × 450 px)

    This position offers high exposure of the advertising message on the 500彩票网手机版官网page (the most popular visited page). It can be seamlessly integrated into the context that best fits you500彩票网手机版官网r ad and, last but not least, since these banners are an integral part of the website, ad blockers don’t work on them. We offer X number of positions you500彩票网手机版官网 can choose from.

    Medium rectangle

    Available size: 300 × 250 px

    This position is available at 500彩票网手机版官网page and article level. It presents you500彩票网手机版官网r add to a highly - engaged audience of potential customers, that you500彩票网手机版官网 can target by location, industry, topic or a combination of two of these or all three. On the 500彩票网手机版官网page we offer 6 positions you500彩票网手机版官网 can choose from.

    Banner on events page

    Available size: 368 × 150 px

    Promote you500彩票网手机版官网r event on our events & conferences dedicated page


    Available size: 564 x 182 px

    This advertising option is available to businesses who would like to position themselves as a leading authority within a specific industry or on a specific topic covered by us. As a sponsor, you500彩票网手机版官网 would have you500彩票网手机版官网r company’s logo featured on a content layer within our Trends page.

    Banner in Newsletter

    Available size: 564 × 182 px

    When advertising in our newsletter, you500彩票网手机版官网r message is delivered straight to the mailbox of opt-in subscribers. The ad is well positioned among relevant content and there can be only one ad per issue.

    04. Advertising packages

    Tailored advertising solutions

    Promote a business event targeting Southeast Europe

    Our vast experience in attending and promoting events across the region has shown that a combination of the following activities can create enough awareness, raise event registrations and gain recognition in the specific sector.

    Package includes:
    • Full-width banner on 500彩票网手机版官网page
    • Banner in the events section
    • Banner in our daily newsletter
    • Email shots to our subscription base

    Position a company/brand and its service/product?

    Advertisers wanting to attract influential and valuable audiences across SEE by positioning their brand and services/solutions can take advantage of the following mix of activities:

    • Leaderboard on 500彩票网手机版官网page
    • Medium rectangle banner on article level for the right context and audience
    • Banner in our daily newsletter
    • Sponsored article in the news section providing more opportunity for the audience to learn about you500彩票网手机版官网 and you500彩票网手机版官网r service/product
    • Positioning with content and/or visual in the annual TOP 100 SEE edition

    Share domain-specific expertise with industry stakeholders across SEE

    Whether you500彩票网手机版官网 want to boast about you500彩票网手机版官网r successes or want to give more context of what makes you500彩票网手机版官网 different you500彩票网手机版官网 can get comprehensive coverage and engage the right audience with:

    • Sponsorship - company’s logo featured on a content layer within our Trends page.
    • Sponsored article in the news section
    • Positioning with content and visual in one of the TOP 100 SEE editions
    • Email shots to our subscription base

    Not sure what's best for you500彩票网手机版官网?

    We have identified a number of advertising packages to help brands engage intelligently with audiences across the SEE region by connecting with them in effective, targeted and creative ways.

    Get in touch for a tailored approach and offer at consulting@500彩票网手机版官网


    TOP 100 SEE

    The only annual publication featuring rankings of the biggest companies, banks and insurers in Southeast Europe. Since 2007, TOP 100 SEE is a comprehensive, in-depth guide providing analyses and interviews elaborating on market players’ performance, plans and expectations, industry developments and the challenges faced by the Southeast Europe economies.

    The ranking comes out in October and is distributed for free in print and electronic formats across the whole region and beyond.

    Downlоаd the latest edition

    Special editions

    In 2019, SeeNews launched the first of a series of special TOP 100 SEE editions dedicated to the banking sector in the region. Just like with TOP 100 SEE, the annual special editions include rankings of the biggest players in a specific sector,complimented by expert and comprehensive analyses, interviews and trend reports.

    See the latest edition

    06. MEDIA KIT

    Download this

    Download our latest media kit and see all advertising opportunities to help you500彩票网手机版官网 reach the most powerful and affluent individuals in the region. All fields are mandatory.

    07. CONTACT US

    Just say the word

    Need more information or want a personalised offer?
    Send us a message at consulting@500彩票网手机版官网 or give us a call +359 2 801 2 630.

    Your complete guide to the emerging
    economies of Southeast Europe.
    From latest news to bespoke research –
    the big picture at the tip of you500彩票网手机版官网r fingers.



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